A Rift guild on the server of Laethys. Laid back, friendly, and fun. We want to work together to enjoy the game without counting out the beans.
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 Returning Guildmember/player

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PostSubject: Returning Guildmember/player   10/03/12, 03:49 pm

Hullo, decided to check out rift again after a hiatus since they reactivated old accounts. used to be in Endless starting on... well the first server, then we moved, then we split up, then i had personal problems and stopped playing. Thankfully I kept the e-mail Malfallax sent me with the new website address.

Character names where Variations on Aretela, Aret, Arett, And elistor. One was a 50 rogue T2 DPS/Bard T1 tank and the rest where mid 20's. Unfortunately like a silly goose i logged in before checking here and transferred all of my characters to the wrong server(the only RP server that was available) so can't transfer again for 7 days which is after the trial/reactivation. I'll probably create a new character on Laethys to try the game out again anyway since thats how i usually get a feel for a game again anyway and to say Hi.

Since I'm not working currently my play times tend to be whenever my back will let me play so all hours.
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Returning Guildmember/player
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