A Rift guild on the server of Laethys. Laid back, friendly, and fun. We want to work together to enjoy the game without counting out the beans.
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PostSubject: Andrielle   14/10/11, 03:30 am

. What is your Characters name(s) that wishes to join the guild? Andrielle, Darkelle, Balerina

2. What is your Characters class / level / and any tradeskills?
Andrielle – 27 Rogue, Outfitter
Darkelle - 26 Cleric, Runecrafter
Balerina - 23 Rogue, Apothecary

3. What time do you primarily play (server time)? Mostly weekends

4. How long have you been playing rift? Since August

5. Why do you want to join endless nights. A good friend, Airedale, told me about the guild and it sounds really good. Please don't hold it against me that I know Airedale. Smile

6. What is your play style? Mostly casual. I like solo play and team play.

7. Most importantly are you a team player? Yes

8. Are you at least 18 years of age? Yes

Please read the guild rules
Please read the raid/group rules
9. Can you to best of your ability uphold both sets of rules? Yes

10. Can you log onto Ventrilo for raids? You do not have to talk, but you do have to listen. Yes
11. What is your timezone? Central Time, U.S.
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